Yinga at a centaur conference.

Better than Yinga Garnine, but not quite as good as Yinga Gareleven.

Yinga Garten, up until recently, was the undisputed King of Centaurs. Besides ruling over the forums with an iron fist, centaur era Yinga had many other hobbies, such as political satire and hunting Drifter with a 1940's German Luger.

Sadly, all great things must come to an end, and when the dastardly (if charming) Wraffy destroyed the senate in the great FG&Q revolution of 2011, Yinga's reign as supreme ruler ended. Undeterred, he set his sights on greater things. Yinga currently spends his time hanging out on the yachts of russian businessmen, and is planning to run for US President in 2012.

Despite his extravagant lifestyle, Yinga is a man of the people- which can be illustrated by his stint as a street musician, as well as his undercover identity as PGTV, the womanising pauper of Dead Forest fame.


Yinga Garten at a press conference announcing his intention to run for office.

Currently, Yinga Garten is forming a political party, to aid him in his conquest of the USA- and anyone interested in helping him should PM him on the ONM Forums, so that he can gather his people close to him- ahead of the upcoming election.

It has been rumoured for some time that Yinga Garten is amassing an army in secret. The exact purpose of this possible military force is unknown, but it is speculated that he may attempt to revive the senate in a military coup, at some time in the near future. Other uses often suggested to be the reason for this possibly-existing private army are as an elite bodyguarding team for Yinga, and for the world's greatest game of Jenga.

The man however does have flaws. He is well known for his tendencies to fail miserably at Insomnia Races and generally surrender.