Kittens, her one weakness after shoes.

Wraffs is a mod on the forum, largely recognised for her not entirely sane love for Irish boyband Metallica, and shoes. Is also incredibly Northern Irish and Political. Also has a Twitter account and uses the ONM Chatango to look for hot sex.

Is stalked by many people on the forums, presumably because she is part of a mythical race called The Females.

Her alter-ego is Twi.

In the past, Wraffy used to mod Pokeforum, which she did fairly well at despite watching furry porn in the middle of her modding duties. It is currently unknown whether she still pursues this hobby.

In the "That's Nice" stakes, Wraffy is a mod, and currently couldn't care less about oversees Forum Games And Quizzes, though she doesn't have a clue what the deal with their text based RPGs and Kudos Boosting Nonsense is. Reintroducing her reign with the overthrow of the Centaurs and game approval in general, to the somewhat fitting tune of Bob Dylan, even the most sceptical of this decision have muttered disdainfully in private at the apparent positives far outweighing any negatives which have resulted. She also seems to spend too much time in Forum Feedback, attempting to diplomatically diffuse any drama that arises. She's bored typing now so this is as far as this article.

She's also the best.