William Sorenson is the resident grandé hipster of ONM.

Will first became a hipster in the years 1876, because being born in the 20th century is way too mainstream. Born in Iceland (hipster capital of the world), he came to the UK by tour boat in the year 1974, sailing up the Thames an eventually coming to rest in Oxford. Well, he says Oxford, he means Reading. Ain't even a real city, lol.

Being resident hipster of ONM, William can most likely be found in M/TV/F/B criticizing your music taste, no matter what it is. Unless it's Rolo Tommasi, in which case he probably loves you and wants your lovechild.

Will most likely be found down at his local Starbucks writing a novella on his macbook, before cycling home on his fixie bike with one fucking gear. God fucking damn, he is such a fucking hipster. And I bet some Japanese tourist has pictures of him on a riverside, he's probably an icon in Japan. Only you haven't heard about it because you're not a hipster.

Will's favourite meme is hipster ariel. God fucking damn. He probably hates this article because it isn't in helvetica.