A typical example of a Dursleyfication.

Is the greatest thing ever. Some people say that the Treeman was the greatest thing ever, and it is widely considered that anyone disagreeing is new to the forum, or ILoveWii.


Dursleyfication of the ForumEdit

After a topic popped up in the Off Topic section of the forums about people's favourite spin-offs, a comment was made about the Vernon Dursley series of books that existed in Diddy's mind (which I believe were previously created on the Chatango). Soon, the thread was filled with humorous pictures and titles of book ideas, generally involving Vernon's face being photoshopped onto a book/game/poster cover.

The name of the thread was changed in due course to reflect its nature.

(Look, although it doesn't sound funny, I literaly couldn't breathe by the end of it, so don't knock the 14 pages of Dursley hilarity, yeah?)

The Forum itself actually killed the humour of Dursley, as members ruined it with their unfunny names and images. The only true Durnon exists on Chatango.