Hideki Tojo

THX in 1945, cosplaying as Hideki Tojo at the Nuremberg war crimes trail

THX-1138 4EB, also known as wanky, so named after Hurley's cock in Lost, is a member of ONM and widely believed to be some sort of sex toy. Known for his love of homosexual porn, he reguarly rants about how much he dislikes heterosexuals.


THX was born in 600AD, in the Land of the Rising Sun. Growing up, he found a fondness for Liverpool, and several hundred years later moved there. Establishing himself as the leader of the Liberal Party in the 1860s, under the alter-ego of 'William Gladstone', during which he brought in much legislation largely blamed for the dictatorship of Nick Clegg. In 1954, THX reviewed and gave the Akira Kurosawa movie 'Seven Samurai' 1 star, and requested everyone on set commit seppuku, an expression which he recently repeated to George Lucas after his Movie 'Star Wars' flopped (although was redeemed by his prequel, 'The Phantom Menace'). THX is also known as a dashing womaniser who has stolen the hearts of many no one.

Present dayEdit

In 2009, THX joined the online forum, 'ONM'. ONM is widely believed to be the lowest point in any human's life, and THX's is no exception. He currently resides in Liverpool and picks fights with anyone he percieves as an outsider. He can generally be found feasting upon lesser known members and kids, which is often referred to as THX being 'STRAIGHT UP BEAST'.

He is best mates with his fellow lads Nuttycam and Aepyx. Also a member of a "second rate" forgot pop band called the Cum Chums, who failed to score a top 100 single.

He also recently asked to be removed from onm, when this request was denied, THX decided to start acting like a cunt in order to get himself properly banned.