The Senate. (Yinga is the blue one.)


The peers tasked with being elitist in regards to forum games were originally branded 'The Watchmen.' Two days and three hostages later, Alan Moore's bid to force this faction to be renamed gave birth to the senate.
Members of the senate were collectively referred to as centaurs in all legal documentation, but many users preferred to refer to them colloquially as the satyrs, out of personal preference.

All incarnations of the senate have had a leader. After the assassination of the first centaur lord, five minutes into the first senate, Yinga Garten ruled as undisputed King of Centaurs for all it's incarnations.

However, the senate was not without it's opponents. After Wraffy and Twi were revealed to be the same person, she had no reason to hide her political feelings any longer. Free to speak, Wraffy called for a revolution, after being inspired by someone- and overthrew the senate to sound of Bob Dylan. (This bit is actually totally accurate, strangely.)

Since the abolition of the senate, former members have been forced to find new professions. Notably, Yinga Garten is planning to run for US President in 2012, and fellow ex-centaur GoombaFan is supporting him in this bid, whilst continuing to work on his musical career. Another noteable ex-senator is theringlord. Ringsy, as he is often known, has moved on from his ejection from FG&Q power- and is currently working on his debut album, with which he intends to steal the title of best ex-senator musician from GoombaFan. Unlike GoombaFan, Ringsy's music is best described as Extreme Brutal Jazz Metal, and has been known to scare away other forumites.

List of Former SenatorsEdit

Yinga Garten (Undisputed King of all Centaurs and future US President)