Onm mag holder
'The Magazine' is a part of the forums involved with the Official Nintendo Magazine.

The Magazine section gives Forumites the chance to get into the Magazine with many of it's Stickys such as The Mock Cover Thread, Fan Art Thread, Your collection and The ONM Top Ten.

The Official Nintendo Magazine has produced loads of free-gifts and covers. So where was all this 'Nintendo Heritage' going to go? Well, forum member Dr. Peripheral created a thread for both these things and added images of every cover and free-gift. Then 'Dr.P' created the ONM Museum, this contains ONM Reveiw list, ONM Freebie Archive, ONM Cover Collection, ONM Hall of Fame, ONM Austrailia Archive (Currently defunct), ONM Store/Delivery Dates and the ONM Podcast. This was such a success it was stickied.

Currently, one of the most popular ONM Caption Competition run by GuitarHero, although it is arguably in the wrong section.