Attributed to SamuriFerret, the Hyrule Metaphor lays out all of the forum sections as various areas of the land of Hyrule.

Hyrule field, the place from which all forum life may be reached.

Original Quote, From Off Topic PageEdit

If ONM is Ocarina of Time, OT is Hyrule Market. It's the center of things, with the normal people. Continuing with this metaphor, we get:

  • FG&Q is Goron City - Because everyone is fat and does not wash.
  • GA&W is Gerudo Desert - Because no-one ever goes there.
  • Pokémon is Gerudo Fortress - Because OMG SECRET CLUB.
  • GNC is Kokiri Forest - Because everyone there is under ten years old.
  • M/T/V/B is Zora's Domain - Kinda nice to look around but everyone's opinions are the same, much like the sameface Zora's.
  • The Magazine is Lon-Lon Ranch - Because you'll go there once or twice and never again.