The Blode War is a legendary conflict which was fought by both supporters of the blode, and the Anti Blode Association.

The blode side consited of several members with their leader being that of D.J while the ABA was quickly formed together by Gamester who had fought tiredlessly with his high ranking officers known as Hypertech and Sir_Bowser. Part of the war cabinet for veteran warriors. With both forces working around the clock to bring in members and attack one another. D.J used web links to a site of blode origin while Gamester saw this and went on to create the ABA propaganda to bring in new members. Overall the events that took place went on for a while until...

The thread was locked by LightSamus which kinda failed but oh well. Although the last post was the winning post with a member known as Janesy123 (A new-ish member at the time) crashing his airship into a blode HQ with the blode residing within it and after the thread was locked victory belonged to the ABA but at a great lost.

If anyone can find the thread, place a link here and if you can find out which members belonged to which team's a list would be easier to understand on what was going on at the time.

(Thought I'd update this to the best of my memmory for a laugh)