Splinter435, most commonly known as 'Splinter', has now been a member of ONM for more than a year. He regularly posted in GNC and Wii, but in later months he has since became more of an OT regular.

Types in dark red font, which possibly is a reference to his original Iron Man avatar(s).

Enjoys flirting with the ladies and creeping them out on photo threads and on the HDYFRN thread, by revealing his undying love towards them. Restraining orders stop him from leaving his bedroom.

Splinters JobEdit

Splinter poses as a topless model every weeknight from 11pm to 5am. Splinter is very well payed and usually spends his hard earned cash on dirty magazines and shampoo for all that hair. His job has now been put on hold, unfortunately, since he is currently on the run from Rai, who is chasing him for flirting with Yoshi-Cute/Rachel. (DAMN STRAIGHT - Rai ;D)

Splinters FantasiesEdit

His new targets are all the young girls on ONM (especially Yoshi-Cute/Rachel) who he now fantasises about daily. Unfortunatly, once fantasised about, Splinter's obsession gets worse and worse and eventually, his uncontrolable urges are released unto all around him. He locks the bedroom door, takes his top off, and like a madman, demands cam sex with his target. His target is usually threatened unless she hands over the goods.

Splinter435: Matchi turns my 2 inch floppy into a 5 inch hard drive

Hates the Portugese.