Ryan likes gifs, he has a huge collection of them, and even keeps some as pets.


Ryan <3

He has had many wars in the past, mostly because of gifs, but has only lost about 4 of them.

He is a closet homosexual and likes to indulge in asphyxiating himself with a semen filled plastic bag.

Trivia for his many fansEdit

  • Ryan's favourite film is City of God, Directed by Fernando Meirelles.
  • Ryan's favourite book is One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey.
  • Ryan's favourite Album is Funeral by Arcade Fire.
  • Ryan's favourite country is Canada.
  • Ryan's favourite alcoholic drink is a sparkling WKD on ice, darling.
  • Ryan's favourite piece of clothing are his denim cut-offs (never nude)
  • Ryan secretly hates Scotland.
  • That is his hat.