Regginator3 is a former human being turned member of Apple Corp who resides on ONM. Regginator3 once attempted to install his Mac OSX operating system into his body, though this merely resulted in a long period of illness.


Reggienator3 in a police mugshot

Birth and early lifeEdit

Warmijwilf was born the child of two Microsoft employees, in a small southern backward which was erased from his memory. He grew up resentful of children with other, more expensive operating systems, this yearning fueled an early crime spree which seen Regginator3 ejactulate on Windows PCs in protest to their lack of Apple Corp branding. He served 2 years in a young offenders institute.

"Rebirth" and new found happinessEdit

When Regginator3 stole his familes life savings to purchase a Macbook computer he described a "rebirth" in his internal being. After this he returned to ONM to spread the word and preach the gospel of Mac. At the same time he wrote a book about the abstract language of Pokemon statistics. A bestseller, Regginator3 found himself in a legal battle with ONM forum member guwuh over the origins of the book. In the end, as an owner of a Mac computer, Regginator3 was considered a superior human being to guwuh and won the legal battle.

He currently dosses at his girlfriends house, doesn't pay rent and doesn't look for work. Her parents have tried to forcefully remove him several times but each effort has ended in failure.


EoA, or the Emporium of Awesomeness, was a fantastic venture into what ONMix has patented as 'ONM but with swearing and softcore pornography' following the awe-inspiring collapse of CiaL (Cake is a Lie forums, founded by SuperChris). It has since died.

Literature Edit

Reg is known for posting the story Lenny the Magical Lemur and his five Mystical Friends. Everyone liked it, if you read the sarky people's comments without sarcasm.