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The beast in action.

Rai13 is perhaps best known for invoking GUILTY LOVE in both genders; however he is also semi-famous for his illustrous modelling career and for his hosting of the Planet ONM Series. AND NOW FOR BEING A SEXY MODERATOR WHO IS SO LOVING YET OH SO HARSH :3

His modelling career has included work alongside such figures as Kate Moss, Heidi Klum and Brian Blessed. His fans, of which he has a fair number, point out that this level of versatility is what gives Rai his signature flair.

Rai13 usually frequents most area's of the forum, though his birthplace is the Pokeforum. He once tried to restore the Pokeforum in his Pokeforum: Past and Present thread. He is a member of Chat and IRC.

His Planet ONM fame, whilst less merit-worthy, has been called "freaking awesome" by such noteable figures as Yinga Garten, Gunlover and Yinga Garten (again). It revolves around playing as a country, with your objective being to constantly be at war with members that you have a personal vendetta against. Version 1 lasted 150 pages, and Version 2 lasted 157 pages.

Whilst his political orientation is undetermined, several people (by which I mean Nintendoofus) have gone on record as saying that Rai13 is a proud member of Yinga's political party. This could not be verified, as all credible sources are distracting by a profound feeling of guilty loving, upon meeting Rai13 to verify these claims.



Rai is also a big fan of the game series; Spyro The Dragon. However, this wild, passionate love extends only to the first three, and Adventure; not the crappy ones. He is ONM's resident master of the game, after beating his fellow Spyro Crew members. Badly. The details can be found below:

Spyro Wars 1.0

Spyro 1: Most Dragons in 30 mins: Rai13 37 ~~ Yoshi-Cute: 24

Spyro 2: Most Orbs in 30 mins: Rai13 10 ~~ Yoshi-Cute: 9

Spyro 3: Most Eggs in 30 mins: Rai13 27 ~~ Yoshi-Cute 24

Spyro Wars 2.0 is currently taking place between Rai13 and Yoshi-Cute. Scores are as follows:

Spyro Wars 2.0

Spyro 1: Most Dragons in 30 mins: Rai13 41 ~~ Yoshi-Cute: 27

Spyro 2: Most Orbs in 30 mins: Rai13 6 ~~ Yoshi-Cute: 12

Spyro 3: Most Eggs in 30 mins: TBC

Spyro Wars 2.0 has set two records, for highest ever score, and lowest ever score. Both were set by Rai13, with the highest being 41 Dragons (Just over half in the entire game), and the lowest being just 6 orbs.

There are also rumours that he is a lank. These were confirmed after close friend Yoshi-Cute observed a photo depicting him as a towering beast.

Since the events of "Eat Fresh" Rai has entered a mental clinic that hopes to purge the image from his memory.