Radish Head is a member who has created a large amount of threads on ONM, on occasions under the (now-defunct) title 'Excellence Topics Inc. He is also known for his Chef Excellence avatar.

However, his large amount of threads means that some users have something against him, as shown by an old edit of the page:

"Radish head is infamous member of the ONM forums who is most certainly the most annoying member of ONM to ever exist. He is a blatant troll yet members still continue to feed him and mods yet still don't ban because he does his trolling without breaking any rules. I.E he makes a load of pointless threads and posts about his 'shares' in the ONM off topic forum talking about himself as if his threads and posts are part of a business. After a whole lot of trolling he leaves for a few weeks. Then he comes back as a 'reformed character' other members jack his threads and people with morals (mods) tell us to leave him alone. Eventually we start to accept him then he makes loads of crap threads about his business again. This cycle has been going on for 3 years."