ONM F1 is a successful and long-running Simulation Game, found in the Forum Games & Quizzes section.

The game uses F1 Championship Edition to simulate results.


D.J was the original creator of the game, he hosted the first 35 seasons.

PGTV took over for season 36, but he didn't have the spare time to run the game, so he stood down after just 6 races.

Super Saiyan then took over the reigns, hosting the remiander of season 36 and the whole of season 37. Super Saiyan disappeared off the face of the earth during season 39 so PGTV retook control of the game for season 40. After season 41 had many false starts, former champion Aperson took control of the game and has been running it ever since. In the past, many players record their honours in the game in their signatures, however, the practise has died down to the extent that only those who played the game during D.J's day still do it, the practise being considered pointless.

Champions are allowed into a special room with DJ where Punch is dished out but Garten was banned from this room when he tried to spike the punch and got DJ so drunk he managed to impregnate Richy B. To this day, this is the rumoured reason as to why they never lasted long as Ferrari team-mates.

Current Drivers

Team Constructor Engine No. Race Drivers Rounds
Sahara Force India F1 Team Force India Mercedes 1 Andymck07 All
2 Cribster All
Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari Ferrari 3 parametakoopa All
4 D.J All
Lotus F1 Team Lotus Renault 5 GuitarHero All
6 snake14691 All
Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team Mercedes Mercedes 7 nintendude6 All
8 Dizzybow All
Vodafone McLaren Mercedes McLaren Mercedes 9 pokemaniac 212 All

Nintendo Ninja

Williams F1 Team Williams Renault 11 dixonrobert All
12 MamoswineTamer All
Infiniti Red Bull Racing Red Bull Racing Renault 14 Dread Raven All
15 K2 All
Scuderia Toro Rosso Toro Rosso Ferrari 16 Jojordan12 All
17 PutUsernameHere All
Marussia F1 Team Marussia Cosworth 18 CapX2 All
19 ChaosControl All
Sauber F1 Team Sauber Ferrari 20 Hammer Bro. All
21 lil gamer All
Caterham F1 Team Caterham Renault 22 TheAPERSON 1-2
NessPSI 3-18
23 stealth1497 All

Past Champions

V1: Richy B: Ferrari

V2: JDownie: Renault

V3: AC Link: Honda

V4: P_3: Red Bull

V5: AC Link: Honda

V6: MKDSJedi: McLaren

V7: lfc_luca: Renault

V8: P_3: Toyota

V9: Richy B: Ferrari

V10: RatzaChewy: Renault

V11: City of Delusion: Honda

V12: MarioMaestro: Ferrari

V13: MarioMaestro: Ferrari

V14: Snake: Toro Rosso

V15: Icarus_Kid: McLaren

V16: AC Link: Toyota

V17: Richy B: Ferrari

V18: RealKirby: McLaren

V19: Snake: Renault

V20: Dr Salvador: BMW Sauber

V21: Williamscool: McLaren

V22: JDownie: Honda

V23: Aperson: Renault

V24: Stan229: Toyota

V25: Pixieboy: Toyota

V26: Pixieboy: Red Bull

V27: DHR: McLaren

V28: Erti: Honda

V29: Erti: Toro Rosso

V30: DHR: McLaren

V31: Garten: Ferrari

V32: Bengrim: Williams

V33: Hammerbro: Red Bull

V34: Mamoswine: Renault

V35: Aperson: Renault

V36: SLB: McLaren

V37: Hammerbro: Mercedes

V38: Mamoswine: Renault

V39: JoJordan: Williams

V40: Nintendude: Toro Rosso

V41: Garten: Ferrari

V42: Dizzybow: Mercedes

V43: Dread Raven: Red Bull

V44: Garten: Ferrari

V45: Nintendude: Mercedes

V46: Nintendoofus: Ferrari

V47: GuitarHero: Lotus

V48: Dizzybow: Mercedes

V49: Dizzybow: Mercedes

V50: Snake: Lotus

V51: D.J: McLaren

V52: Kryal: Mercedes

V53: Andymck: Force India