Juan Pablo Montoya 2006 test

The ONM F1 Community is a group of members who follow the sport of Formula 1.

They also enjoy playing both the ONM F1 Game, and Fantasy F1. They talk about ride height a lot and are scary to normal people.

Notable Members of this group

  • D.J - Village Genius
  • Aperson - Genius/Anorak, varies between fortnights
  • MamoswineTamer - Hates Ferrari
  • NB - Likes Robert Kubica to an extent he has made a doll and he combs its hair every day.
  • Super Saiyan - Same as above but with Force India. Rumoured to be keeping Tonio Liuzzi in a pit.
  • Erti147 - Suspension obsession.
  • Turnpike - Revolution Campaigner
  • Dr Salvador - Saved Felipe Massa's life.
  • Snake - Has a road in the Peak District named after him.