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Rumoured image of Nuttycam

Nuttycam is far right, northern member of the ONM forums. He is well known for his membership of The English Defence League and his general worship of mockney cockney hero Danny Dyer. Gets pissed on one bottle of WKD.

==Early years== Edit

Nuttycam was born in the turban of a brown man, it was from here he developed an absolute disregard of all ethnics. He vividly recalls his youth, breathing curry fumes and then later in his teenage years, looking for fights down his local football match. Nuttycam was taught at the school of 'ard knocks and obtained his degree by pushing an old woman down the stairs.

==Current Whereabouts and activities== Edit

Nuttycam is known for his hardline views on imigration on the ONM forums. In 2010 he marched on the offices of ONM editor Chris Scullion in an attempted coup de tat. Nuttycam wanted to remove Scullion on the grounds of racial inferiority, after it was discovered the ONM editor was not born in Huddersfield. After various stints in foreign prisons Nuttycam returned to ONM and continues to picket the graves of dead ethnics, hoping to eradicate their existence from the forums altogether.

==Famous Quotes== Edit

" I once punched a swan so hard, it shat its intestines like bloody spaghettit"

" Once you go black, you DO go back. To your own country"

" I'm not a racist, I'm just a Nazi"

" Beetlejuice is by far Tim Burtons best film"



" An apple a day doesn't keep the doctor away, if you have cancer"

"It is NOT gay, we are just comparing sizes"


"I have dreams of my one and only sexual encounter. It's fucking horrible."

"If you talk about sex enough they wil have sex with you"

"I feel like I'v masturbated over dawkins now"