Nintengeek, or Nin, is a cool guy, who automatically becomes awesome since he lives in Glasgow, Scotland. Nintengeek is a Facebook addict who has usual debates with thekwlman whether Twitter is better - Twitter is better by the way. Nintengeek has mentioned several times that he hates his username and regrets ever using it.


Nintengeek generally gets on with everyone. His main friends on the forum are jaketheshizz, thekwlman , matersword and most of the chatango . He appears on the forums regularly and mainly posts in the Pokémon , Off Topic and DS sections. Nintengeek also takes part in many of the forum's mafia games.


Nintengeek's main interests are anime/manga (specifically Bleach and Azumanga Daioh), gaming and drawing. His avatar is usually from Azumanga Daioh. Nintengeek became interested in Azumanga Daioh after fellow members Hypertech and Sir_Bowser recommended it.