NK irl.

The sexiest man on ONM. He's funny and better than all you other guys and also mainly hangs around FG&Q but his gaze has penetrated all of the other places too. 10/10 would buy again.

Well known for being the most intelligently and coherently random of all users.

Also so much of a man that he once killed a walrus with one thumb, snapped off the walrus' tusks with his teeth and then stuck them through his own fingers while feeling no pain. And that is why he is known as Wolverine.


Reasons why Ninjakirby is better than youEdit

  • He doesn't just rush into postan unlike some people, yo. He takes it slow and smooth, baby.
  • He's the groovolicious sex machine, yo. Nuff said, awww yeah.
  • He's pretty funny, yo. Unlike some people, his reputation as a funny guy doesn't come from postan unfunny images, but from his pure creativity and sexiness, yo.
  • He'll be with you when the chips are down, yo. When push comes to shove, even the great and mighty NK can be serious and can give out the best advice around. Goes down real smooth.
  • Because his friends don't dance and since they don't dance then THEY ARE NO FRIENDS OF MINE
  • He can be both a gentle and a rough lover, but will never make you cry.
  • He won't kiss you while making love to you, but he'll bite you in an amazing way.
  • It's rumoured he's the missing member of Wu Tang Clan.


Who honestly cares goddamn


Deal with it son.