Are you a wizard

An average forumer in awe at resettio's seemingly magical powers.

Mr Resettio (pronounced miss-ter rez-et-eeeeeeee-oh) is a happy-go-lucky, awesome, amazing piece of white poo who "loves his face, Pablo's face and maybe your face".


" Mr Resettio was born sometime in February a few years ago on the ONM forums. He grew up with the AC crew, namely yubel, Deku Scrub, Dooby and Wiimote. After spending most of his time in GNC and Wii, Resettio migrated to Off Topic, although still like going to GNC. His biggest, most successful thread was GNCity, a no-longer-thriving thread that let peeps give me things to build. It grabbed life by it's 9 testicles and said 'I WILL MAKE HOUSES!' "


Mr Resettio has a large number of friends on ONM, namely Deku Scrub and Wiimote; and newer friends include the likes of kquigibo and marioman77 - widely considered his br0. Other mates include mewtwolover, Nintendude, Kirbilot, Toady and Jazze3some [add to list as appropriate].

He's also on good terms with the frightful young welshchap that is popcorn man. "I love my moeface" stated Popcorn Man when asked about their relationship.


Resettio loves food. He NOM's on noodles, cake, waffles and Custard Creams. He hates parsnips.

"This guy rocks, and fully deserves the kirbyward I gave him" - Killerkirby247