MrChewtoy is a heartily-spirited member who nobody seems to have anything against. He's probably most notable for his avatar of The King. He's watching you.

He is a very nice and kind member who contributes to many things in ONM. One of his most notable triumphs on the forum was placing first in HNF1's GNC Quiz , becoming the aptly named King. He shares a similar love for Lubba, whom he adored long before it gained a following in GNC.

Other popular avatars of his include Ashby - a fuse of Ash from the Pokémon anime, and Kirby - which he created himself, and his current Globox one, in unison with HNF1's Rayman avatar, in anticipation of the new Rayman 3D game for the 3DS.


Teh King - MrChewtoy's most noticeble avatar.

He is often referred to as Chewtoy, or sometimes MrC.