He truly is an arse.

A fickle idiot who will change his opinions to avoid conflict, attack members randomly and hate just about everything. He also takes extended leaves of the forums, often not posting for about a few weeks.

Rumour has it, he only ever posts if the Chatango tells him to.

"mewthree" was his original alias, joining in February 2008. He has said multiple times that the name came to him randomly as he was rushed to make an account, hence the lack of a capital "M".

His rush was caused by an Action Replay glitch in his Pokemon Pearl which threatened to undo everything he had done in the game. Recieving no help, but rather much abuse from the Pokeforum, his only friend was a guy named Bonsley.

He soon made his way to Forum Games & Quizzes, frequenting the "Ban the Person Above You" game and other such like, meeting NintendoAllStar, Kutchiiekew, Ninjakirby, Random-Hero, Anniejello and many many others who were unlucky enough to come in contact with the 'tard.

Since then, he has broadened out to the Off Topic section of the forum and stayed there to this day.

Probably best known for his overly-contraversial "Kudos thread" in Challenges.

His other account, Dr Destructo, is useless since, thanks to the beloved Slayso, has been revealed to be mewthree. Truly a crowning moment of idiocy.

Fun fact: This article was posted, 20/02/11, on his 18th birthday. Let's hope he doesn't make it to his 19th.