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One of Masamune's many beloved Goddesses, Nadeko-chan.

Masamune (Also known as Masa and Weeabune) is a member of ONM. He's well known for his love of Japanese titles, and is most popularly associated with adoring Cave Story, and more recently The Lord of the Rings. He is known to be one of the few member that actually talks sense in GNC and Article Comments, and as such he is usually found there attempting to enlighten misguided fanboys. He is a member of the QQONM Chatango and [sort of] GAAW 'cliques'.

He is a Weeaboo and pays pretty much fuck all attention to anything that does not feature scantily clad 10 year old girls. Reportedly, he has a small collection of hentai amassing over 5000 separate images, which mainly consists of lolicon and some guro. He is a fan of tentacle rape and anything related to the rape of young girls.

He was once a Nintendo fanbu like many members are now, however he eventually wised the fuck up and became a decent member.