Killerkirby247 Is an awesome member

An admin of a forum called tehgamer.

He is a good member, and enjoys a bit of one republic.

Kazuya/Olly wrote something on here but this was ruined by someone, who wrote that i smell.

And deleted everything else.

Pablo wrote that I was a dood. He rocks.

Please feel free to add anything, but don't delete anything. Not many people know who i am...

The awesome avatar you can see on the right was made by 142520452213, otherwise known as Numberish Fellow.

Numberish fellow, is cool.

So is kazuya/olly.

so is 575Revo.

And Mart2006.

Does he have a page?

KillerKirby also turns big and green when he gets angry, he uses this strength to knock down buildings and throw tanks about, you won't like him when he's angry.


Alex is a sexy bastard who gives good blowjobs