The only picture in the world, which shows Olly. The others have magically been burned...

Big time Tekken fan, and probably the most kind ONM member to exist.

In the real world, he goes by the name of 'Olly', but secretly wants people to call him 'Olleh', for reasons unknown to the general public.

Finding romance, and love with NB:

In late 2010, Olly was commissioned by NB to make him an avatar for his ONM profile, and through this, it brought the pair closer. They instantly clicked, and made each other happy by the love they portrayed for each other.

To this day even, the pair actively engage in ... 'activities', and remain close. The Sun even reported on their romance, giving them the coveted 'Relationship Of The Year 2010'.

'Keef who eats Beef':

The chat which Olly frequents, has a troll who goes by the name of 'zelda313'. She actively types in CAPITALS LIKE THIS AND TRIES TO SCARE PEOPLE; alas, it doesn't work. The whole 'Keith' joke started when it revealed that it was bullied at school, and that the bullies named it 'Keith'. Now, this is hilarious, however, it soon got old. So Olly injected some much needed humour into the 'Keith' banter, by coming up with 'Keef who eats Beef'. It's stayed since, and provides some much needed lulz.

Having a (bed fucking) Brother:

Olly was quick to confide in people, that he has a brother who frequents ONM. His name's Isaac, and no; contrary to popular belief, it's not Isaac Newton. Anyway, moving onto more pressing matters: Isaac's ability to not gain a girlfriend, and resorting to making love to his bed. Now, I know, it's fucking disgusting, however, he has a perfectly valid excuse, which is;

Atleast my bed doesn't say I'm shit in bed.

There you are ladies and gentlemen; straight from the horses mouth. Apparently he has a talking bed, which praises him for his lovemaking, so therefore, Isaac must be on drugs.

Having a 'MILF' mum:

Also late last year, Olly revealed that his mum was indeed a MILF. Apparently, one day in town, a gang of knife weilding, hoodie wearing yobs shouted 'OI MILF' or something, to which Olly's mum took offence, because she thought they said she was 'filth'. Rumours that the yobs were beaten up were visciously going around in their local Norfolk newspapers, but after one of the yobs was caught wanking in public, Olly's mum was declared 'not guilty', and this meant she could go back to living her normal everyday life.


Olly used to be very good friends with Alex, but they split up after false accusations were made about their relationship. That and Olly's obsession with Class-A drugs. Or was that Alex?

This guy is awesome!

Literally, awesome.