Loves his metulz.


Jonowev is known to criticise Arcade Fire for being too generic. It is rumoured he once listened to Ready to Start, which made him cry tears of blood over his collection of death metal. Shits himself every night playing the Xbox.

Jonowev is a fat autist fuck who can't seem to grasp the fact that people have opinions that will conflict with his ridiculous and absurd right wing views and shitehawk musical opinions. Whenever he's called out he will either resort to personal insults, similar to this article, or claim he was trolling, before listening to a bunch of sweaty hairy men wank off guitar necks will a fat man has a stroke over his drumkit and plays a repetitive double bass in the background. He then yells "FUCKING MASTERPIECE" (see picture) and proceeds to sort every band in history into one of two hundred and sixty three different metal categories.