Lubba is frequently associated with HNF1 because he has it as a fucking avatar.

HNF1 is a male member of the forums, possibly. He is well known for actually posting in GNC. He has won many awards, including the prestigious "Best Member" award in September 2010.

After many allegations and conspiracies about the fidelity of the award, and how he obtained the award, HNF1 has gone into hiding right here. Since his days of joining normal people on this planet, HNF1 has not publically denounced having seven toes, nor confirmed.

During the days of his Lubba avatar(s), he was highly associated with the character amongst everyone. He has recently changed it to Rayman (which quickly caused everyone to resign to disappointment again).

HNF1' stands for Huge Nintendo Fan 1, which is a totally badass name, cha! Another popular idea is that it means He Needs Flapjacks which he does.

In 2006, HNF1 was added to the West Yorkshire Police list of suspected money launderers and promptly arrested. He was raped by everyone in the correctional facility he was detained at, including the guards, the visitors and himself. He also met Morgan Freeman there and the two formulated a wacky plan to escape before Morgan Freeman raped him also and left him to die in Mordor. We think.

He is never reffered to as 'Hunfwon', Because that's what it sounds like. Other names include the shortening to 'HN'.

Known round his local youth centre (his backyard) as "Mr Lubba Lubba".

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