Guwuh is the titular character of the popular children's book, "Guwuh Becomes A Pirate".

Things Guwuh can do:

  • Rant about Disney films
  • Be Scottish
  • Sexually tilted in favour of sleeping with the dead
  • Name every dinosaur from the Spielbergtoic Era
  • Adminisrate a chat considered by all ONMers to be the Godliest chat on the internet, second only to the IRC which Guwuh often visits.
  • Name every single Pokemon, its typing, its abilities and its tier on sight.
  • Recite every line of every episode of every digimon series word for word
  • Be very logical (see pic)
  • Fake his own death.

There are rumours that he is in fact a Wobbuffet disguised as a human.

He also has a brother, Diddy. Together, they are known as the "Trolan Bros".

It has recently come to light that he is heterosexual life partners with Masamune, which is reflected by their forum avatars. They also star together in the sweeping epic, The Kawaii Adventures of Masa and Guwuh (also known as Masawuh), which has alas been shut down by Wraffy.