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The General Nintendo Chat section of the forum is where members discuss anything Nintendo related.

'Comparison threads' such as 'Who is your favourite Nintendo character to masturbate over?' are banned, to avoid relentless clogging of the area.

Empricks is the predominant SEXUAL PREDATOR and moderator of this section.


Not all of GNC perhaps deserves the discredit it receives from certain members. Certain higher regarded members such as Brid and HNF1 have become well known as some of the more productive forumites within the section who contribute widely and thoroughly throughout. Popular successful threads include the recent GNC Mafia games, such as Brid's latest Zelda Mafia, as well as The Legend of Zelda Timeline Princess thread, the longest running thread in GNC.. Other include HNF1's power-ups thread, which later received an article dedicated to it by ONM, and has been running for over a year, and also GNC's Weekly Nintendo Quiz. The "Recommend Me A Game" Thread is another of the longer-running threads - though to the dissatisfaction of numerous regulars it is not always used - which is stickied at the top, alongside the likes of the SHOW US YOUR NINTENDO COLLECTION thread. A number of game music threads have been made, but the most successful one of recent would be 'Favourite pieces of music in gaming' by super yoshifan, currently spanning around 14 pages. Popular other threads that are often made in GNC include game quotes, comparisons between characters (lesser regarded), and other topics of interest to do with Nintendo factoids, news, events (Britain's Best Nintendo Gamer), series discussion etc.