One of the many awards given out.

The Forum Awards are held every August for the members of ONM. The awards are for achievements along the lines of Best Thread Creater, Friendliest Member, Happiest Member, etc...

Each year the awards are roughly about the same thing but may be named slightly different. Some believe them to be more of a popularity contest.

How to voteEdit

The winners are voted by other members. For each category, three members will be chosen. These aren't usually in order. When all the votes are counted up, first, second, and thrid place will be awarded. The colours of the prizes are the standard gold(1st), silver (2nd), bronze (3rd).

Popular WinnersEdit

A popular winner of Best Thread is the HUGE How do you feel right now thread (commonly abreviated to HDYFRN) created by ODNETNIN(+). Over the past three years, it has won said related award three times.

Minor Awards Edit

Since the creation of the Forum Awards, there have been a small collection of minor awards established for the sub-forums on ONM. These include:

The FG&Q Awards - Hosted by 142520452213 (or Numberish Fellow), it focused on the Forum Games and Quizzes section and included awards for the different types of forum games, as well as the abilities of the members who partake in them. These awards were perhaps not as popular as the Forum Awards nor was the criticism as good either, with most members (who have commented on it) disliking the idea in general because it was really stupid.

2010 AwardsEdit

Best Vote CounterEdit

  • Gold: NintendoIsBest and TheRexFactor

Best UsernameEdit

  • Gold: Swixer-Swaxer
  • Silver: Chained Teapot
  • Bronze: Loopy Lobster

Best AvatarEdit

  • Gold: Andymck07
  • Silver: Demon Scutter/Flash7
  • Bronze: Mr Nintendo

Best CoupleEdit

  • Gold: PrincessPeach and NintendoIsBest
  • Silver: Iln and Tommson
  • Bronze: Hypertech and SirBowser

Model ModeratorEdit

  • Gold: Slayso
  • Silver: TheRexFactor
  • Bronze: Lightsamus

Pokemon MasterEdit

  • Gold: Chained Teapot
  • Silver: MasterSword267 and Edd_15
  • Bronze: Benj@home

Forum Games MasterEdit

  • Gold: TheRingLord
  • Silver: Yinga Garten
  • Bronze: Random_Guy_14/Twi

General Nintendo ChattererEdit

  • Gold: HNF1
  • Silver: Brid

Nintendo Online GamerEdit

  • Gold: Yinga Garten
  • Silver: Acegamer
  • Bronze: BenJ@Home

Off Topic OddyseyEdit

  • Gold: Swixer-Swaxer
  • Silver: Echizen
  • Bronze: Demon Scutter

Best Use of CrayonsEdit

  • Gold: Pixelf
  • Silver: PsychoPikmin
  • Bronze: PGTV/Regginator3

Metulz r gudEdit

  • Gold: Venomous
  • Silver: Jonowev
  • Bronze: Sask/Yellowfellow

Sporty SpiceEdit

  • Gold: Drakey31
  • Silver: Problem Child
  • Bronze: TheAPERSON/Snake14691


  • Gold: EveA
  • Silver: ZeroSuitSamus2
  • Bronze: Matchi Chan

Best New MemberEdit

  • Gold: Matchi Chan
  • Silver: Sir_Bowser
  • Bronze: PGTV

Most Helpful MemberEdit

  • Gold: TheRexFactor
  • Silver: HNF1
  • Bronze: E3Rob

Funniest MemberEdit

  • Gold: Swixer-Swaxer/Demon Scutter
  • Silver: Echizen/Flash7
  • Bronze: Sir_Ryan

Most Likely To Start Global Thermonuclear WarEdit

  • Gold: Radish Head
  • Silver: Yubel
  • Bronze: Flash7

I Wuv This ThreadEdit

  • Gold: Guwuh Becomes a Pirate by PixelF
  • Silver: How Do You Feel Right Now? by ODNETNIN+
  • Bronze: The Scott Pilgrim Thread by SamuriFerret

Friendliest MemberEdit

  • Gold: HNF1
  • Silver: Matchi Chan
  • Bronze: E3Rob

Master DebaterEdit

  • Gold: Highlight
  • Silver: x50 50x
  • Bronze: Lady Gagagged

Best MemberEdit

  • Gold: HNF1
  • Silver: TheRexFactor
  • Bronze: Lady Gagagged