Some of Flash's best known avatars include his old Toy Story one, starring Woody and Buzz riding RC (scene with the rocket), and Brown (from Purple & Brown).


Spawned in Mordor from Satan's leftover excrement, Flash was birthed in 1944 by Adolf Hitler himself in order to destroy Western Civilisation, one human brain cell at a time, should the war be lost. Flash uses his magic dunce cap to diminish the intellect of those around him, turning them into mindless zombies, not unlike Flash himself. By current figures, it is estimated that by 2040 Flash will have moronified a population the size of Bristol. Flash7 joined in June 2008 and has been a regular contributor to ONM ever since.




Flash7's name came about when he flashed a seven year old girl (an act which he later was arrested for, as well as inducted into the Catholic Church). Flash supports the Green Party, because he fancies Caroline Lucas and/or plants. Or something.