She was on a podcast, 7 I think.

For her awesome rap.

EveA is a member of ONM that has been slightly terrible at going on the forums recently. However she is trying to go on more, but since she has stepped back from the community, she is finding it hard to get back into it.

She is also cool and rather hoot for a 13 year old. (Jweather posted this)


  • Is kwlman's semi-girlfriend
  • Sucks up to Chris Scullion
  • Goes to MCM expo
  • Lives in North London
  • Plays the French version of Pokémon Red, despite her not speaking French. She has owned it for about a year and has just cleared the first gym.
  • Speaks English, Mandarin and Spanish (iirc)
  • Does karate on a Saturday.
  • Posts on ONMdaily as part of the regular vlogers.