DiddyKong Jr known primarily as "Diddy" or to his close friends "Dickface McGee" is a twelve year old girl.

A Complete History of Shit No One Cares AboutEdit

Diddy started out way back when on the old ONM boards. No, not those ones, the really old ones when the magazine was called NOM, no one took it seriously and it still had a sense of humour about itself. Diddy has a habit of not letting anyone forget this 'causing many people to theorise that he has been around since the dawn of time itself. From humble beginings Diddy then moved to CVG, OONM, back to CVG, three other boards that nobody has ever heard of apart from THX, before eventualy coming to rest back on NONM.


Diddy is a Potterfag and the Queen of all things Disney. He knows just about everything there is to know about it, has worked for them for a brief period and would give it to Minnie Mouse if given the chance. Further proving that he is in fact a twelve year old girl. Also has an abnormal obsession with Gaston to the point that it's stopped being funny long ago, and is actually a little creepy.

Is solely responsible for the high levels of unemployment in the UK because he keeps taking all the jobs. To date, it is estimated that he has over 200 jobs and counting, among them being Disney Cast Member, Till jockey and "gimp".


Diddy is the elder brother of Guwuh, although depending on who you ask some will tell you that they are in a band, others will say they are lovers. A more recent theory is that they are in fact one and the same person and are slowly but surely pulling off the greatest troll the internet has ever seen.