DarkJelly in the aftermath of a successful heist.

DarkJelly is a member best known for his long-lasting relationship with Phoenix Rain cohost Kryal. This affair has been ongoing for almost five minutes, and has included drama, comedy and romance.

When not wooing Kryal, DarkJelly has been known to unwind by producing banners for forum games; and so far, only one of these banners has caused a seizure. This event came to be known as "The Great Jelly Incident", but most forum members choose not to comment on it, out of fear.

This fear stems from rumours that DarkJelly is actually a criminal mastermind. Evidence for this includes the fact that he rarely leaves his safehouse of FG&Q, his obsession with darkness and rain, and the fact that he stole Yinga Garten's watch. Even Yinga Garten is too scared to ask for his watch back, which stands as a testament to the bestial terror of DarkJelly.

It is no coincidence that his avatar is a wolf, either, because many people (by which I mean Dread Raven) believe that he is actually a wolf. This is consistent with the way in which he huffed and he puffed and he blew down the houses of several forum members, which he then proceeded to steal from.

His lover, Kryal, has been quoted as saying, "DarkJelly is the best member that is in FG&Q and always will be. With games such as Phoenix Rain, and Chaos Rain, he is a sexy beast."

Kryal has also been chasing DarkJelly up on his affair with Hyder144, who he constantly refers to as 'Hydsy.' Kral and DarkJelly are to be married next week.

Spurned lover AyeAye12, the poet formerly known as "LAYTON IS GR8", haunts the internet in search of DarkJelly to this very day. (18/08/2015)