An average day in qqonm.chatango.

There are many chatango groups in ONM, each consisting of different mem

The way Chatango works.


The most popular and widely used Chatango related to ONM goes by the name of qqonm, and is currently adminned by Guwuh. It can be accurately summed up as a syncronised, perfectly articulated circle jerk.

The Glitch SagaEdit

One day onm.chatango was made but then this guy called darkness eternity or something couldn't post and he bit a guy called professor mewfour and he caught the glitch too and so the users moved to nonm.chatango in which professor mewfour was the admin but then some other guy glitched and the users moved back to onm.chatango however this guy was like lolz i hate u guys im creating my own super special awesome chatango so marioman's chatango was created but then the users of onm.chatango were overrun with gncers due to DRAMA so they became elitist and moved to rononm.chatango but then they realized the errors of their ways and moved back to onm.chatango but then some faggot was glitched on both onm and nonm so they moved to this place called qonm where a guy called guwuh was admin but this guy was glitched from all chatangos and so half of the users moved to an irc but the other half wanted to remain at qonm but eventually the ircers moved back to onm but then some guy glitched and so qqonm was created and the guy who was glitched from all chatangos was no longer glitched and twi came back from his leave and everyone lived happily ever after.