You're really looking for Kaeetayel and you know it.


This is what 575Revolve looks like half the time.

575Revolve; potentially known as 575, 575R, 575Rev, 575Revo, Rev, Revo, Revolve, FiveSevenFiveR and 575*Revolve (575 and Rev/o being the only predominant ones used); is a relatively well known more recent member of ONM Forums.

He has a high pointless number. Some people still mock him for it.

He also has a Twitter account. Whether you care about his Twitter account is a different matter.

He is part of the SUPER SECRET CLUB that Matchi-chan formed. It is now pretty much empty.

His talents include not thinking about what he is saying before he posts it. He tries to now. Honest. Another

He's also a fanboy of Meteos, a game you've never heard of. An example of something he does know about it is that Florias is a planet from it. It was in the original game and in Meteos Wars. In the original it can be unlocked after 5 hours of gameplay or with one Soul meteo. In Wars it can be bought in the Planets pack. It is a planet with 98% of its surface covered in flowers, as such it has a high Herb Meteo dominance. It also has a lot of Zoo Meteos. In the original it has some Air, Fire, H2O and little Dark. In Wars it had Herb, Zoo, H2O and Dark in equal quantities. It is a ringed planet at 63000 metres across and has a population of 400 billion. The inhabitants are sentient flowers who can tell the future with their petals. It is pink in colour. You will realise that that is one cool story, bro.

Outside of ONM, his online life surrounds chatting to ONMers on chatangoes, chatting to ONMers on Twitter, chatting to ONMers on other forums, YouTubing Meteos gameplay, looking at, looking at WP:DoF, uploading to imageshack, editing the Meteos wiki, Googling Meteos in Japanese to see more results, and running around ONMForums wiki (here) making it better worse better worse different.

"He doesn't really deserve a lot of the hate he gets either. Some of it, but not the majority." - Quarg Ranger.